“You Alone”

August 4, 2010

“You are the only one I need
I bow all of me at Your feet
I worship You alone

You have gven me more than
I could ever have wanted
And I want to give You my heart and my soul

You alone are Father
And You alone are good
You are alone are Savior
And You alone are God

I’m alive, I’m alive
I’m alive, I’m alive”
-“You Alone” by David Crowder

It is so hard to remember that God is the only one I need. In the last year, there has been a plethora of things that have happened in my life that are not the most desirable. There have been many tough decisions that a person my age would not typically have to make, but I think they have made me who I am and I cannot believe that I am saying this… I am thankful for them.

In time, I think that I will be able to “let go and let God”. This is something that I have NOT been good at. But while I have not had the greatest family life, I have had they joy of having such a great father in God. I remember when I was little and we were making picture frames for our fathers, I felt left out. BUT I later decided that God was my father. I never got around to putting a picture of God in that frame, but that idea has stayed with me since.

Soon… Soon I will be the one saying “I’m alive” and it will be liberating. Let’s see how long that takes.

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