June 24, 2010

So, I have one thing to say: this summer has been refreshing. I have to admit it has been refreshing in a few odd ways, but nonetheless, it has still been great. Here’s why:

2010 United Methodist Student Forum: This year was my first year at forum, which was held in Virginia at Shenandoah University. I loved every part of it! Although we did not have legislation to vote on this year, we had plenty of fun and educational experiences. I say educational because we had workshops based on topics that, for the most part, had to do with social justice and mine was exciting! Worship was phenominal and it was especially helpful when I took notes. It was also nice seeing people I met at Exploration 2009 in November. There was also plenty of exploring, like there was in Dallas, which included walking around Winchester at night and driving to Walmart, seeing a truck of people standing outside of their vehicle at a Taco Bell drive-thru, going to the U.S. National Cemetary, as well as many other adventures.

Kansas East UMC Annual Conference: This year was the first year that AC was held at the Church of the Ressurection in Leawood, KS. It was previously held at Baker University, which is where I go to school. It was nice to experience something new and worship, again, was AMAZING. While the first plenary speaker did not deliver the kind of message I am interested in, the second one (Rudy Rasmus) made AC great. I also managed to meet about half of the people I did not already know, which is to be expected because I know no stranger.  And because I was networking, I was asked to preach at a few churches and even came across a possible church internship. It was nice to have an opportunity to meet so many awesome people of faith and refresh my faith.

Summer School:  Now, this is where the refreshing part gets confusing. A normal person would not think of summer school as refreshing, especially when they are college classes like Basic Chemistry. I think it is safe to say there is a reason why I am a HISTORY and RELIGION major. At first, I was horrified by the course and felt that there was no way I was going to be able to pass it, but it has taught me a few lessons beyond the subject matter. I have learned that it is possible to focus, even if you feel defeated. I have learned that life is easier when you do not let things pile up. And I have also learned that even if something seems impossible, anything can happen as long as you ask for help along the way.

Seeing as there is a little over a month left of summer, there will probably be more things going on and more lessons learned. I’m excited.

One Response to “Refreshed”

  1. Kim said

    when you stop learning, you stop growing – and then where’s the fun?

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