Transitioning to College and Faith

August 7, 2009

Needless to say, I have been counting down the days since about July 22. I am so excited that in eight short days, I will be living in Baldwin. It is the greatest feeling! I am not only excited about living “on my own”, but about being able to focus on my studies and on growing in my faith. I have felt so energized since Institute that I am SO excited to be able to study subjects that will help me grow through knowledge. I will be surrounding myself with great things and great people and that in itself is awesome. I am lucky, I will be in my St. Paul class with friends from Institute and my friend Hannah will be in my Leisure Activity class. In addition to my studies, I will be leading junior high youth in their youth group and I will be starting the candidacy process to go into the ministry. College will bring about  some awesome experiences and I definitely cannot wait to see how the next four years turn out!

One Response to “Transitioning to College and Faith”

  1. Allyson said

    Hey Skylar,
    I’m going to Baker too (I saw your blog from the .ning site and thought I’d check it out)

    I noticed you’re going to take the St. Paul class, and well, I am too!

    Can’t wait!
    See you this weekend!!!

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